week48rowanweek48leora“A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2016.”

Rowan: I have to check your pockets for acorns and snails before washing them. You’ve made quite the collection.

Leora: that punim! You bring out the cuteness aggression in me (it’s a real thing, y’all). You’ve got five teeth now and can rip my lips right off my face with your razor-like nails. Your favorite spot to sit is on your dad’s shoulders, happily eating his hair. You still wake up several times a night to eat, play, or attempt another escape from the bed. You want to do everything Rowan does and are quick to cry when he doesn’t share or takes your toy (we’re working on it). You hate the car seat, diaper changes, and being too far from your mama or papa. You love baths, being held, and chewing on phone chargers.


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