week33rowanweek33leoraweek33adamweek33jenni“A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2016.”

Rowan: while you and Adam shower I hear this conversation from my room:
You: Papa did you fart?
Adam: yep.
You: it stinks. Don’t do that again.
Also, I’ve caught you twice now dancing in the bathroom when you’re supposed to be pooping.

Leora: I’m expecting a tooth to pop out any day now (at least, I hope…).

Adam: we’ve been watching the Olympics together in the evenings. Rowan pretends he needs to use the bathroom so he can sneak out into the living room and watch with us.

Me: tried my first fresh fig, loved it and am now on the hunt for a fig tree.


3 thoughts on “33/52

    1. Jenni Post author

      Thank you!

      Catching Rowan dancing in the bathroom has been hilarious. He always get this “oh shit, i’m caught!” face because he is seriously just sitting on the pot for 10+ minutes at a time to avoid going to bed (but now we know he’s passing the time by dancing). So funny.


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