4 thoughts on “Houston

  1. Nicole Morgan

    Can’t wait to hear about the trip! Did Rowan like feeding the giraffes? We did that in Colorado Springs and it was kind of scary, haha!

    Also, Adam’s face in that last pic! Was this pre-game, or after the Rockets lost by one point?

    1. Jenni Post author

      I think he enjoyed feeding the giraffes… but honestly the zoo was still a little beyond him. For example, we were pretty close to a few elephants and he barely looked at them because he was very interested in the fence he was touching, lol.

      I debated whether or not I wanted to post the last pic because he looks so pissed, but he just looks so handsome :). It was pre-game, but pretty appropriate considering the loss!

      1. Nicole Morgan

        Oh my gosh, that is too funny about the elephants/fence! I seriously wish I could understand what goes through little kid brains!

        Oh, and I meant to ask if these are with your new portrait lens?


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