film 06

60310014 60310017 60310018 60310019 60310020 60310021 603100276031003660310034 60310035 60310038 edit1

taken with Olympus OM10 and Kodak Portra 400 film


2 thoughts on “film 06

  1. Nicole Morgan

    So many good ones in this batch! I love the ones of Rowie licking that sign…Remember I told you we caught a little kid doing that at the butcher shop and were just cracking up?!? Also, the one of him with Lentil is so sweet, and I love his goofball smile in the one with the water bucket.

  2. holloh Post author

    It was so funny to watch him lick that sign! It had just rained so he kept going back for a lick of that water. I can’t wait for him to see Lentil again, he meows at every cat and Lentil pic!


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