week31“A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Rowan: He saves the BEST smiles for his dad. No one can make him laugh quite like Adam. He is so animated with Rowan and thinks of the silliest things to say and do. Rowan is cackling in this photo. Some pictures, like this one, remind me how quickly Rowan is growing up. Just yesterday he started using our office chair as a walker.

And for fun, a list of all the nicknames we have for Rowan:
Ro, Rowie, RoBro, Bro, RoRo, RowBoat, Brother, Roman, Rowanda, Baby Abey, Abram, Baby A, Dude, Doo-dad, Dudie, Munchkin, Munchie, Bubbie, Bub, Bubba, Monkey, Sugar, Baby Boy, Buddy, and Honey.


2 thoughts on “31/52

  1. holloh Post author

    We call him the weirdest things. And these are the ones that are used often. If I made a list of the one-timers you would think we’re crazy lol.


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