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I’m in bed lying next to this sweet baby boy of mine as he grasps the sleeve of my shirt and flutters in and out of sleep. I get to spend a lot of time here lately, next to Rowan watching him dream, since he has taken to nursing to sleep. Rowan is quickly approaching six months and time is truly flying by. This week alone he’s cut his first two teeth and is practically crawling. My baby is growing and it’s amazing!

Of course some days are harder than others. He still nurses frequently at night and it’s simply exhausting. After a particularly demanding night of many feedings, a sore back and little sleep I start to think I’m on the verge of night weaning. But then I’ll wake to a happy baby that takes a break from nursing to look up at me and smile so big and I’ll think, “4 isn’t that old to still be nursing, right?” :)

Really though, I’m proud of Rowan and myself for making it to six months exclusively breastfeeding! And thankfully I don’t see any signs of us stopping. It’s amazing this little chubby boy has thrived from my body alone. Some days I look at Rowan and just cry because I’m so in love and my heart is so full. I feel lucky that he is my son and that I get to experience life with him in it.



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