Week9“A portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Rowan: He loves to be read to. It’s fun to watch him study the pictures and gasp in excitement when he recognizes them.

At the end of the month we’re traveling to Utah to visit Adam’s family. While I’m excited to take our first vacation with Rowan, I’m a bit nervous about the flight. We will undoubtedly be that couple with the crying baby since he can’t sit still for more than a few minutes. Any mamas have advice for flying with a four month old?


11 thoughts on “9/52

  1. Nicole Morgan

    Oh my gosh, his face in this one! He is seriously studying the book so intensely!

    I had no idea babies were interested in books even this young. I really want to read to him now!

    And about the airplane…I say forget about everyone else! They’re adults and they can deal with annoying crying for a few hours. A baby, on the other hand, doesn’t really understand what’s going on, so it make sense that they’d cry. So I say just keep being the awesome parents you are, and hopefully Rowan won’t cry too much. But even if he does, hopefully people will just be understanding and realize it’s not really in your control. And if people are going to be dicks, well, they’re dicks, so don’t give them a second thought!

    1. holloh Post author

      You’re so right! Rowan will be in a new and different environment and crying is just how he communicates right now. Instead of worrying about other people, our job is to make Rowan comfortable and hopefully others will be understanding.

      1. Nicole Morgan

        That sounds like the perfect response for any meanies that say something to you! You can simultaneously recognize that yeah, the crying sucks, but it’s also just how he communicates right now, which may be more pronounced because he’s in an unfamiliar situation.

  2. Forever Lovely

    Oh what a beautiful photo and such a sweet moment captured!! Good luck on your first flight/vacation as a family, I think you guys will do great and have a wonderful time! We traveled a few times with Chloe when she was just an infant and I was so surprised by how easy it was for us. The baby carrier and breastfeeding were our life savers and Chloe just slept in my arms during the entire flight!

  3. Rachel

    Oh flying with a four month old was the easiest time for me! The sound of the jet just sent Xave to sleep and had me coming off the plane begging my husband to buy me a jet engine for white noise! Also, if you are nervous, your little one will be nervous so take a few moments to centre yourself and be gratetful you aren’t chasing a 16 month old who only runs and climbs everything (I will be flying with an overly active two year old come October…gah!!!). Also…maybe Fox in Socks should come on the plane with you!

  4. Heidi

    This is a beautiful picture! When you get here…Welcome to Utah! we have been having gorgeous weather and spring here is wonderful. I hope your flight goes smooth with lots of baby sleeping!

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